Dr Alexander Rathenau



Law Office A│R, Luz-Lagos-PORTUGAL


Alexander provides legal advice in Portuguese and German Civil Law (Contract Law, Property Law, Conflict of Laws, Commercial & Corporate Law, Heritage Law and Family Law) and Public Law (Planning and Building Laws, Processes with Local Authorities).


Alexander is multilingual, speaking English, Portuguese and German.


He was a Ph.D. student in Portugal and Germany and wrote his thesis about Portuguese and European Law, which gained a distinction (summa cum laude). Alexander is the author of several Essays in Law Journals particularly in Portuguese Law (see publication list). He passed the Second Legal State Exam in Germany and has a University Diploma in Portuguese Law. He has been an active member of the German-Lusitanian Association of Lawyers since 1999.


Alexander has already been involved with the European Commission (Brussels) and with the German Portuguese Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Lisbon).


Direct Contact:


Mobile: (00351) 919196777

Email: anwalt@rathenau.com

Internet: www.rathenau.com


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